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House of creation 
and artistic residency

La Datcha
La Datcha is our house
at the end of the village, 

the one at the edge of Bruxelles, in the outskirts of Feluy’s water channel. 
It’s the one where we gather, where we take a plunge, 
where we share the fire,
the one who sleeps under the ash,the one who springs. 

The project

The goal of La Datcha (nonprofit organisation) is to welcome,

support artistic projects in all their states. 

It is born from the wish to provide a space that gathers,

to wall up, to disturb our horizons, to meet, to create a bond. 

It provides a residency at anytime of the year, whatever is your

level of management (on the way, experimenting, in free fall,

in total distress,..., in development)

We were three, three in the beginning, a musician, an actress,

a storyteller and stained glass artist that invested the house,

that feel that it was ready to welcome others in all their diversity. 

That is what seems essential in our project, to constantly

keep looking at new ways to support artistic projects

welcomed to La Datcha. 

La Datcha aims to become a place of reference in terms of artistic residency and plans on developing cultural, local and out of bounds partnership.

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